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Returns & Exchanges

Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the items you order and your shopping experience at KING/QUEEN Sports Nutrition. Depending on the reason for your return/exchange and condition of the product purchased, there may be several return options available to you.

Return/Refund Policy

  • If you would like to return an unopened product for any reason, we can either issue a refund to your method of payment, or we can simply apply an in-store credit to your account that you may use towards any future purchases! The refund issued or in-store credit applied is for the price of the product only and does not include any shipping feed for delivery.
  • If you would like to return a product that you’ve opened, we can apply an in-store credit to your account that you can use towards a future purchase. The in-store credit applied is for the price of the product only and does not include any shipping fees charged for delivery.
  • If a product you receive is damaged during shipment, arrives after its expiration date, or is not what you ordered, we can send a replacement right away and provide a prepaid return label for our U.S. customers to retrieve the item.
  • If the item you’d like to return was ordered more than four months ago, or if the item was purchased using in-store credit as part of previous exchange, we cannot accept the return or issue a refund for any reason.


To begin processing any type of return, please contact our Customer Service team and provide your name, the order number, and the reason for returning the product.

To speed up the returning process, please return the product along with a copy of your invoice to the same warehouse that shipped your original order with “URGENT: RETURNS” on the address label.

 When returning an item, we highly recommend using a detailed shipping method that provides step-by-step tracking information to help ensure safe arrival. We are not responsible for the time it takes to return an item, or if the item is lost or damaged during the return process.

 Once we have received the product and the return has been process by our warehouse, we can issue the refund or issue in-store credit to your account.


Exchange Policy

When you are due a refund, it is usually processed within 2-5 business days and issued to the payment account used for the original purchase.

  • If you originally paid for your order using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, it may take up to five additional business days before the refund is reflected on your account statement.
  • If the original account is closed, or if the card used has expired or been changed, we will issue your refund through the mail as a cashier’s check within 7-14 business days.
  • If you originally paid using a secure form of payment, such as a wire transfer, Western Union, or money order, the refund will be sent by mail to your shipping address.


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