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Interested in career opportunities?

At King/Queen Sports Nutrition, we take pride in striving to build the largest international supplement company in the world, but this cannot be possible without your help!

If you have a large following and would like to find out how to become an ambassador/athlete, click here

If you have a set of skills that you are passionate about, whether it'd be making sales over the phone, selling to stores in person, graphic design,  or marketing... there are a variety of job opportunities available to become a part of the King/Queen Sports Nutrition family!

Regardless of which area of business you decide to contribute to, you will find plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and develop a rewarding career! 


Listed below are some of the key business areas at King/Queen Sports Nutrition:

-Department of Sales (Making phone calls and sending emails to retailers)

-Sales Representatives (Going to stores, setting up demos, closing business deals with store owners)

-Marketing & Promotions (Photo & Video Content development for social media marketing from experienced Photographers, Videographers, and Graphic Designers to form an effective marketing team)

-Software engineering

-Warehouse operations & logistics (product inventory, online order fulfillment, etc)

-Customer Service department

-Purchasing/Category Management

-Product Manufacturing (*Manual Labor* Work in warehouse with machines to keep products fully stocked and manufactured at all time; This leads to more career opportunities under American Muscle Labs, LLC)



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