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Become an Ambassador

Want to become a KING or QUEEN Ambassador?

King/Queen Sports Nutrition is constantly looking for positive individuals who have the ability to inspire others and consistently represent an active & healthy lifestyle. We admire those who carry themselves respectfully and influence positive change to those around them. We also strongly encourage fitness couples to become a part of our KING/QUEEN family. If you feel like you are fit to become a KING or QUEEN, send us an email providing your name, social media, and why you will be a perfect fit for the brand, for an opportunity of brand ambassadorship.


What benefits do I get as a KING or QUEEN Ambassador?

All Ambassadors are paid every first week of the month in product/supplements under a signed contract. To consistently receive care packages, the individual must carefully follow the terms listed on the Contract Agreement. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to endorse and sell products while providing a Commission code, and also occasional reposts and exposure on our social media pages!  


How do I become a King/Queen "Athlete"

To become an Athlete means a lot more than just posting pictures and representing our brand. It means holding yourself to a higher standard and taking on a leadership role that ultimately helps the brand scale internationally across the globe. 

Here are a two ways you can qualify to become an "Athlete":

  •  Promotion; Start off as an ambassador and consistently post quality content on social media and influence online sales (via discount code), and providing value to others across all social media channels.
  • Selection; Initially have a social media following with high engagement, while simultaneously representing the Brand's standards, and become selected by owner's choice to be the next KING or QUEEN athlete. 


What benefits do I get as a KING or QUEEN Athlete?

All Athletes will be paid monthly in salary and products. They will also be first selection to travel with the team to any upcoming expos or events. All Athletes qualify for sponsorship of any events, that will be fully cover any expenses under the Company's behalf.



As a company who takes pride in making quality products with only the best ingredients, the idea is not to "make the most sales", but to truthfully help others, and guide them towards a product/supplement that will truly benefit them on their fitness journey and achieving the results they desire. 


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